Saturday, 10 September 2011

Titchwell Twitchwell

Well, what a morning! Nothing wrong with a bit of good old fashioned twitching now and again.

Got to Titchwell early and already a crowd was forming where the Little Bittern had been seen. Gave it about 20mins but decided to check the hides instead.

From the main hide:
Cattle Egret showing well (my 3rd in Norfolk)
Buff-breasted Sabdpiper 1juv - Amazing how small these birds look next to Ruff.
Curlew Sand - 7+
Little Stint
Spot Red
Then on hearing that the L Bittern had been seen again I headed back to the 'scrum'. After only about 30 mins I got good views of the juvenile bird sitting in the reeds.
This Is only the second one I have ever seen (anywhere in the world) after a very nice male in Sussex in about 1988! I was therefore very happy to see one again.

A beautiful Red Kite flew over the marshes being hassled by Marsh Harriers.

Was hoping to see the Citrine at Cley but no sign of it since early morning. 11 Spoonbill at Cley were feeding and not sleeping for a change!
Out at sea just a few close Gannets and Arctic Skua.
It's an exciting month.. Anything can happen.

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