Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Tundra look-alikes

I thought I would add a photo of one Goose at Burnham Marshes that had me confused (for a bit)

It appeared to have orange legs and orangey bill. Could be confused with Tundra Bean Goose however all other plumage features pointed to Pinf-foot. The head was distinctly two toned (grey/brown) unlike the real Tundra Bean Goose nearby which had a darker head all-over.

I have ofetn heard about Pink feet with odd leg colours but now I realise how confusing they can appear.

I think it is best to use a combination of features to confirm the ID and good views are required!

Any comments on Geese ID are welcome

Monday, 21 November 2011


Caught up with some of the Geese that have recently arrived on the N Coast today

1 Tundra Bean Goose was showing very well by the A149 near Burnham, with just a few Pink feet

I had forgotten how much orange they can show on the bill but the short neck and head structure is classic Tundra rather than Taiga

Also seen at Burnham Overy were : 21 Barnacle Geese (looking wilder than the usual ones present), 2 Buzzards (but no R Legs)

Earlier around Wells Woods and beach:
1 Chiff
10+ Grey Partridge
50+ Snow Buntings

Sunday, 20 November 2011


A visit to stay with my sister and her family in Florida recently has mean no Norfolk birding. Looks like there have been some impressive Geese arrivals here though. So I hope to catch up with some of these.

As for Florida, no birding, but it is hard to avoid seeing birds as they are everywhere there. And so tame too.

I managed to see a new bird .. Snowy Plover, on the beach in Sarasota. A recent split from Kentish, it certainly looked paler and different in the bright, hot sunshine. All the waders there were ridiculously tame with Willets, Semip Plovers, Grey Plovers, Knot and Sanderlings all running around the feet of joggers and sunbathers!

Also noteworthy was the Amrican Bittern seen in flight from my sister's balcony along with many other roosting Herons, Egrets and Ibises. The first American Bittern since the one I saw at Martin Mere.. Many years ago

Lots of Ospreys , Palm Warblers as usual.

Now back to bread and butter birding here in the UK!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Late Autumn

What may be my final walk to the Point this year as Autumn is soon to turn into Winter (and I am off to Florida to visit family for a week)

An imm Metlin flew along the breaking waves at Cley and a stunning SE Owl flew along the shingle at the start of the walk.
Despite lots moving through the county a few weeks ago, this was the first one I have seen this year.

The walk was quiet. No decent migrants but lots of Starlings in-off in groups of 20 to 100.

Highlight was watching a Peregrine hunting out at sea near the old seawatching shelter.
It flew after migrating Starlings and at one point it chased after 4 Wigeon.
I lost site of it when it chased after a few birds further out. It always amazes me how much time Merlins and Peregrines spend hunting over open seas, something that not everyone realises.

This weekend looks good for something very rare. But I will not be in the Uk!