Monday, 9 July 2012

Birds and Art

Always a good mixture. Today I visited Cley and was surprised to see some pieces of sculpture / installation art dotted along the beach at Cley.

Here is my review.
1 - A metal frame which you walk through and then view the sea through a metal, reflective slot. Pretentious and basic

2 - A wood and straw shelter. Called something like 'wood and straw hide' - Doesn't even face the sea and although quite a nice shape from one angle is not the most exciting sculpture

3. Prayer hide - Now this one I did like. A small beach hut that looked a bit like an old Victorian seafront amusement. It invites you in and there is great camera obscura that projects an upside down image of Cley beach onto a canvas. Nice and peaceful inside. A fun piece

4. 'Canute couldn't do it' .... should have been followed by '..but a 10 year old could' - A wire mesh wall covered in sheep fleece. forming different patterns. Not great

Now back to the birds:
Fulmar, Arctic Skua chasing Terns, Arctic Tern fishing in amongst Common Terns close to the shore
From the hides: Spoonbills, LRP, Green Sand, Common Sand, Knot lots of BT Godwits. Nice to see so many returning Waders

and this baby Swallow being fed by parents in the beach car park

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