Saturday, 9 June 2012

Blyth's Reed - At last!

After having seen a non accepted bird on Blakeney Point a few years ago it was great to see a 'no doubts' singing male at Warham Greens today.

First new UK tick of 2012 .. And did not have to travel too far to see it.
On arrival there were only about 15 people listening and trying to see the bird. This shows how regular they have become and how this species no longer has the ability to pull in a big crowd compared to just a decade or so when it was a real rarity! However, a singing bird in summer is still a rare treat and makes it a bit easier to identify.
The song was much slower than Marsh Warbler and without all the mimicry, although I'm sure I heard a few Great Tit calls! Full of whistles and unlike any Reed or Sedge Warbler!

The behaviour also reminded me of the birds I have seen in India. Always on the move in low to middle scrub. In fact even while singing it was moving around and made it very hard to get a glimpse.. The view I had would not get it through any BBRC description report but with the conclusive song.. Who cares! Plumage could be seen to be greyer than Reed but always hard to decipher.

On the whole.. A really enjoyable mini twitch. Now, what will my 451st UK bird be? Not many 'scarce' rather than very rare birds left


  1. Tart comes to mind Sacha... ;-)

  2. Thanks John... Rustic Bunting, REV, pot, kettle...