Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2011 birding year

As we move quickly into 2012 I am just looking back on the highlights of 2011.

Few new British ticks but one of the highest number of 'found' species for a few years, despite not finding any BBRC description species!

The new species were Collared Flycatcher, Sandhill Crane and an armchair tick in the form of Siberian Stonechat.
The Flycatcher was a bird that I always wanted to see after having friends (thanks Shaun!) winding me up for years of the ones they saw, Pagham and Scotland birds. One in Norfolk was a real result.
The Crane was something I never thought I would catch up with in the UK. The past birds in Scotland and Northern Isles seemed like they would become proper blockers.

There were some other very rare birds like my second ever Little Bittern and Western Sand both in Norfolk.

My rarest find was the Siberian Chiff on Blakeney Point with other scarce birds like Waxwings, Pec Sand and Rough leg Buzzard...but the Autumn was frustrating in Norfolk with a real lack of migrants from the East.

Foreign highlights being a great trip to Spain with Dave Gandy. Will never forget the Bustards and huge number of raptors. Cheers Dave. A few nice birds in Florida too on a non birding trip.

Now looking forward to the rest of 2012. I am determined to find at least one proper rarity on the Point this year.

Good luck everyone and happy birding in 2012.

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