Thursday, 3 November 2011

Late Autumn

What may be my final walk to the Point this year as Autumn is soon to turn into Winter (and I am off to Florida to visit family for a week)

An imm Metlin flew along the breaking waves at Cley and a stunning SE Owl flew along the shingle at the start of the walk.
Despite lots moving through the county a few weeks ago, this was the first one I have seen this year.

The walk was quiet. No decent migrants but lots of Starlings in-off in groups of 20 to 100.

Highlight was watching a Peregrine hunting out at sea near the old seawatching shelter.
It flew after migrating Starlings and at one point it chased after 4 Wigeon.
I lost site of it when it chased after a few birds further out. It always amazes me how much time Merlins and Peregrines spend hunting over open seas, something that not everyone realises.

This weekend looks good for something very rare. But I will not be in the Uk!

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