Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sandhill Crane in Suffolk

Sandhill Crane is one of those birds that I never imagined seeing in the UK. The last bird in Orkney in 2009 and then the recent bird in Scotland were too far away for me.
When the Scottish bird started slowly moving south, being tracked along the east coast I was hoping it would reach Norfolk.
The odds of thus happening and for me to catch up with it were not great, however, when the bird stopped in Suffolk I was slow at getting there (due to family commitments) but today I managed to get there.

On arrival at 7.30am the bird was already flying around and being admired by a small crowd.

Great bird and amazing to think it has traveled over 4000 miles so far already!

Last time I saw one was wandering around a lawn in Florida... Great to see one so close to home

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