Thursday, 6 October 2011


High winds are still blocking any decent arrivals from the East.

1 close juv Pom with a large amount of white on forewing (something i've never seen before?) went past harrasing the few S Terns left.
I have in the past seen Bonxies with larger than normal pale areas. Not sure if this is common with Skuas .. Please comment if you have also noticed strange Skua plumages.

2-3 A Skuas, 5 Manxies, plenty of Gannets, Razorbills and Guillemots
A few RTDivers

N Hide was quiet

Went to Kelling with a visiting couple from Surrey who were birding in Norfolk for the week. There had been some J Snipe the day before but could not relocate these.

Highlights were:
1 juv Yellow Wag which had a greyish upper tone and yellow confined to lower part of body. Certainly not Eastern origin but had been described as 'continental/g headed' by someone else.Not sure how it would be possible to racially identify autumn juvs! But it did look interesting. One Possible White Alba also in the group of Wags

Other than a Little Stint..not much else was found here.
Bring on some E Winds please!

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