Monday, 13 June 2011

Collared Fly theory and Roller memories

I have put some comments and a link to two photos of the Collared Flycatchers that turned up on Fair Isle and the Holme bird this Spring. Both first summer birds, within three days of each other and both with remarkably similar plumage features... coincidence? I think not.

The finder of the Fair Isle bird had contacted me and also thinks they could be the same bird. Not sure it will be possible to prove. If anyone has photos of the Norfolk bird in flight it sounds like the tail pattern could be the proof. The F Isle bird did have quite distinctive outer tail feathers...Will be interesting to see if the rarity reports treat them as different birds.

Meanwhile, lots of birders getting excited about the Roller in Suffolk. Great birds. Dave and I watched at least 8 birds along one stretch of road on Spain recently, whilst reminiscing about one of the first twitches we ever went on from London to Devon back in 1989!

Will not venture into the unknown and out of Norfolk this time... But if it carries on north and over the border then I would be tempted!!

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