Monday, 6 June 2011

Back to the search for the big rarity

Encouraged by the amazing find up in Cleveland today (The first twitchable W T Robin) I decided to do a quick seawatch and then a stroll up to the Point ... just in case there was a mega hiding out in Norfolk too!

The highlight of the seawatch was a summer plumaged Great Northern Diver heading close in going West .. not a plumage i've had the pleasure of seeing in Norfolk before.

Razorbills x3, Guillemot x1, Fulmar x2 and about 30 Gannets past ..... It appears the NW winds not quite as good as the recent NE winds were for passage seabirds.

The walk up to the Point was livened up by the usual Little Terns, Oystercatchers with chicks etc

At the Plantation:
Spotted Flycatcher (my first of the year)
Willow Warbler
Wheatear x 2 .. late birds?

No June mega but a pleasant walk despite some rain

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