Saturday, 11 May 2013

Grey-headed Wagtail

Was alerted to an interesting Wagtail in the eye field by resident birder Tom Green. Very happy when I saw a stunning male Grey-headed Wag appear next to a female Yellow. This is a subspecies I have never seen despite it being a regular scarce passage migrant (mainly mid May)

Much darker head than any Blue-headed would be .. Small white throat does also appear fairly normal and within variation for Thunbergi... Although I will not even go into the hybrid possibility but it had no pale supercillium visible so can't see any reason why this would not be a pure Grey-headed.... Now, a Faldeg would be nice!

No photo as the bird disappeared as I tried to digi scope it... So you will all have to make do with a rubbish sketch instead!

Other birds of note today: 3 White Wag, 4-5 Wheatear, Little Stint, 30 Dunlin, a few Bl t Godwit, Whinchat...

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