Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Migrants stream through

On arrival early in the morning, the first bird I saw was this Channel Wagtail - from the car! The photo above was taken through the windscreen with my phone (+bins). Just shows how close the bird was.
It was amongst 13 Yellow Wagtails. First one of this hybrid/sub-species/form that I have seen and certainly was stunning. Better than going to Yorks to see the other 'hybrid/possible species/form Flycatcher' that is around at the moment!

Walking up to the Point there was a real sense that anything could turn up.

100's Swallows constantly streaming through
A stunning SE Owl flew low overhead
1-2 M Harriers appeared to be fresh in-off
40+ Wheatears
male Redstart flushed from sueda
Willow Warbler x2
Chiffchaff x3
Whitethroat x2
Sedge W x1
H Martins 10
S Martin x4
Swifts 20
Greenshank 1
Little, Common and Sandwich Terns all over the place

Nice bit of Spring passage - finally some birds on the move
Now.... where are those rarities hiding

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