Monday, 16 April 2012

f f f f freezing April day

Quick morning visit to Cley... and it was cold! This cold North wind is currently blocking migrants and not making it much fun out there.

9+ Ring Ouzels were viewed distantly at 'The Hangs'. I have been birding in the area for years and did not even know about this site! Great view all around the coast from here. I think I will check this area more regularly
9 Ouzels is the most I have seen together

Cley held my Wheatear of the year (I know it is late!) along with Swallow, Spoonbill x 5 and a Merlin shot past the beach

He was cold ....

He was very cold .....

The Spoonbills, singing Sedge Warbler and Swallow tried hard to make it feel like Spring .. but with these cold winds it will be a while before some scarce birds start arriving

I then had my first 'dip' of the year. As I was sitting in the car getting ready to head to Cley cafe for a coffee a message came through that there was a Hooded Crow at West bank..right by where I was sitting! I had not seen it and rushed to join Gantlett and a few other birders on West bank ... the bird had already gone and was only seen by two Cley regulars.
They are scarce in Norfolk and in fact this site is the only place I have seen one before in the county ... 

Still, a good morning birding

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